bluetooth light Bulb Speaker

bluetooth light Bulb Speaker

Product description

100% Brand New and High Quality.
Multi colors, Bluetooth control, Music functions.
With remote control, can be manually adjust the light color.
Optional also choose RGB mode, the light randomly beating.
Energy saving, environmental protection, low power, low heat generating.
Easy to install and operate.
bluetooth bulb speaker

The two section switch: Switching between the white and colored light
Item type: led music bulb
Color of body: White
Light color: RGBW
Material: Plastic
Voltage: AC100-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Total power: 12W
Output power: 6W
Speaker power: 3W
Frequency response: 135Hz-15KHz
Base: E27
Bluetooth version: 3.0 and Bluetooth Smart
Support configuration: A2DP
Luminous: 400 Lm
Temperature: 5700-6300K
Life span: 50000 hours
Radio range: 10m/33ft
Weight: 250g
Dimensions: 5.19 in x 3.7 in x 3.7 in (13.2cm x 9.4cm x 9.4cm)
Remote Controller power supplied by: 1 * button cell battery
Suitable for the bedroom, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, roof, door and other places.

Package Include:
1 X 6W Bluetooth speaker LED bulb
1 X English user manual
1 X Remote controller (Battery is included)
  • This bulb is a Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light.
  • Adjustable volume of light and music, comparable to a 50 Watts halogen bulb.
  • Energy saving and good quality Support music, with Bluetooth 3.0.
  • One remote controller can control multi bulbs(the light).But one bulb can only be connected to one bluetooth device(output sound).
  • Suitable for the bedroom, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, roof, door and other places. 
  • Texsens LED Light Bulb with Integrated Bluetooth Speaker, 6W E27 RGB Changing Lamp Wireless Stereo Audio with 24 Keys Remote Control  

    Best 5 Light Bulb Speakers Review

    We all know how fast the technology is progressing these days. We have all kinds of appliances that can be monitored and controlled via apps in our smart devices, while we are in bed or not home at all, and this is no surprise. But, in this following text, we’ll talk about light bulb speakers. Yes, you heard that right! Today, we live in a world that’s pampering us by giving us the comfort of lighting our room all the while we listen to our favorite song. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?
    So, dive in, as I present five different light bulb speakers that I had the pleasure of experimenting within the past period. In ways, all of them are pretty similar, but they do offer some distinctions too.

    Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Light Bulb with JBL Speakers – Our Pick

    The Sengled Solo LED light bulb comes with JBL speakers or described as Dual 1.07-inch high-fidelity speakers with L/R stereo effect. The light bulb is operated via an app on your smartphone, with options to play music and set the brightness, compatible with both Android and iOS smart devices. The bulb is simple to install – just screw it into a standard E26 socket. You won’t need any cords or wiring in the process. Just sit back, relax and play music from any mobile app (like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube). The beauty of the product is that you don’t need separate remote controls, but you can set the music and dim the light according to your mood. Basically, this light bulb offers the opportunity to light up the room with energy efficient LED light, while enjoying sound too.
  • You can use it wherever you wish – around the house or at the office, and you can connect more than one via the network. The sound coming from the speakers is fairly good (having in mind the size of it, and the price as well) and it can create the best experience in smaller rooms. The bulb itself is a bit larger than expected, but this is normal since it has a built-in speaker. However, you have to be aware that this light bulb with speakers can’t be connected to other similar products. Just keep this in mind when you plan your purchase.
    In terms of light bulb speakers, unfortunately, there are some issues to be mentioned regarding this product. The app is working great when used for dimming the light, however, the sound tends to sometimes break. There’s also some delay between the light and the music streaming. The problem was getting a little bit worse when I tried to dim the light bulb while playing music on – that is, the sound was worse.
    So, here’s what I liked:
  • The L/R stereo effect and the decent sound
  • Fast installation – in minutes
  • Having few in my network and connecting my smartphone automatically
And what I disliked:
  • Sound breaking up – this can be frustrating
  • Adjusting the light did not go well with the sound
  • LIGHTSTORY Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

    This light bulb speaker created by Lightstory, same as all similar products, is easily operated via an app on your smart device. All you need to do is to scan the QR code presented in the manual and you’ll have the free app downloaded in no time. It’s a color changing dimmable light bulb that offers four basic colors and 12 more shades of brightness. On top of it, it remembers the latest shade you used, so it can welcome you with the same one next time you use it. Since it is a light bulb that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, you can stream music from your smart device, while changing the lighting color. It is really easy to install and it is compatible with a standard E26 socket.
    Same as the previous light bulb speaker, this Lightstory smart light bulb speaker has a timing alarm and sleep assistant. So, if you feel that you’ll fall asleep in 10 minutes, you can set the timer to turn off the bulb, without the need to get out of bed. The Bluetooth speaker offers a fair sound and loudness output to fill a smaller room. You can also place it as a front porch light and make your yard look and sound better. Depending on the occasion, if you are entertaining guests, you can use it as a very pleasant welcome note.
    However, I feel obligated to mention some negative aspects. Do know that once the Bluetooth is connected to an Android phone, you can operate the light and the speaker in the app directly. But with the iOS devices, you’ll need to enter the light bulb’s app once more. If you don’t establish a second connection, you won’t be able to control both light and sound at the same time. And the toughest remark of all, you can play just music that’s on your phone and not stream via online source. Not to pile up, but there were also few complaints in terms of light and music synchronization – if you dim the lights while music plays, the sound may cut off.
    To wrap this segment up, I really liked:
  • The option to scan the QR code and download the app
  • Needles to mention, the timing alarm and sleep assistant
  • Using it on my porch and surprising my guests
  • Decent sound and loudness
However, I think that the cons are more substantial:
  • If you are an iOS device owner, you may feel frustrated when connecting the light bulb speaker to your phone
  • Limitation to only phone library music
  • Occasional sound cut offs

Sunvito Smart LED Bulb Speaker

Want to wake up to your favorite song and customized light? Or perhaps set a romantic mood in the evening? The Sunvito light bulb speaker is a great way to do so. It’s operated via an app on your iOS or Android smart device – just scan the QR code and you’ll get the app. The light bulb has a Bluetooth speaker built-in, so once you connect your device, you can play your tunes while having fun with the colorful lighting solutions. It has four color models and has the option to add more preferred shades. In the app, you can choose from color patterns like normal, rhythm, rainbow, pulse and candle, depending on your current mood.
To be even more enjoyable, it offers the option of setting a timing alarm and sleeping assistant. To be honest, I really enjoy this feature since it kind of brightens up my mornings and slows down my evenings. Just set the timer at the time you wish to wake up and voila! – your tune plays gently as you open your eyes. In the app there’s a feature that can access your downloaded songs, so you can easily stream them through the light bulb speaker. The sound quality and the overall loudness are really good too.
It is a pretty decent smart light bulb speaker, but it also has some shortcomings. Some users reported issues with finding the right app, since the QR code took them someplace else (the right one is iLight, with an icon of a tiny light bulb with a colors circle). I found that, compared to other light bulbs, the colors changing is a bit more delayed and they don’t fade when set on pulse mode, but sometimes rush through multiple levels.
In general, I really enjoyed the following light bulb speaker pros:
  • The easy app download by scanning the QR code
  • The plethora of color patterns in the app
  • The timing alarm and the sleep assistant, naturally
  • The app feature that accesses my downloaded songs
  • Good and consistent sound
What can be improved (read cons):
  • The delayed change of colors
  • The colors are not fading smoothly, but are rushing through multiple levels

ROKOO Smart LED Music Bulb

This multifunctional light bulb speaker is easily operated via an app on your smartphone and can connect via Bluetooth to play your preferred music. It supports over 16 million colors and shades, allowing you to choose the most suitable according to your mood. The Android and iOS smart devices compatible app is providing you access to lighting colors and shades temperature, timer functions – the timer off and alarm mode, and of course, music. Just scan the QR code and you’ll get instant access. The bulb is a bit smaller compared to the other light bulb speakers too, so it may fit your laps even better.
The light can be dimmed at will and the light bulb is energy efficient. You can use it to enhance the mood on the table while having dinner, or simply use it as a wall or ceiling light in any room or office space. The music output is pretty good as well – the sound is surprisingly clear and if using a Bluetooth version 4.0 dual mode, it will provide an even more stable performance, with no breakups.
If you use the timer function to set your wake up and sleep time, the light will simply gradually fade into sleeping mode, or brighten up in the morning to wake you up. Basically, you won’t even need to get out of bed to turn off the light and the music if you feel like falling asleep.
But, before turning myself into giving straight As to this light bulb speaker, I have to add the struggle of app setup in case you don’t scan the QR code. If this is the situation, you’ll need to search the apps “Music lamp” and “Music light” on App Store, and “Magic Lamp” and “Lampe magique” on Google Play. This can be a bit of a drag to be honest. In terms of light power, I must add that regardless of how cool the light bulb is, it does not put out enough light if you compare it to a regular LED light. On top of it, secure Bluetooth pairing is somehow lacking. This means that if someone is standing within range (even from the backyard), they can easily control the indoor lights in your house. The thought of it spooked me a bit.
To summarize my overall experience with this smart light bulb speaker, here’s why I recommend it:
  • Better light bulb size to fit any lamp size
  • Many colors and shades to play with
  • More stable Bluetooth performance and solid speaker sound
  • Timer function for the lazy ones
And here’s what I found a bit disappointing:
  • The light bulb does not put out enough light if you compare it to a regular LED light
  • Lack of secure Bluetooth pairing and the open option for someone to control your indoor lights, if within range
  • The long journey of clicks to find and set the app(s), in case you don’t get any QR code

Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

It easily screws into my light fixture and depending on the colors you choose it can be bright or darker. You can also strobe the colors as well! The sound quality isn't like super duper crystal clear, but honestly only super expensive larger equipment is. For this bulbs size and power method it sounds absolutely amazing, the sound is clear enough to where I don't notice anything unless I have it up really loud and am trying to listen for any of that kind of ever so slight fuzzy noise in certain notes. It sounds better than a couple little portable speakers I have for sure.
This light bulb/ Bluetooth speaker is so cool. Me and my kids have really enjoyed using it. It fits in a regular light socket perfect. Don't have to worry about keeping up with a remote cause all you have to do is download a app. On your phone and turn in Bluetooth and that is it. The app was easy to download just scan a code box and that is it. Is super easy to operate and use. The bluetooth speaker is actually pretty awsome . It sounds really good and gets loud. It had a nice crisp sound and does not sound weird or distorted. The light also change colors can be one color or all the colors together and can change the blinking of them. The lights change with with the beat of the music also. It can also be used a plain light bulb so you don't have to change it out when your not in the mood for all the lights and stuff. I recived this for free for my honest and unbiased review.


As you witnessed in this light bulb speakers review, the list of benefits and comfort to owning such a smart device is pretty neat. However, these benefits tend to vary from a specific product to product, especially if you consider some of the downsides.
For example, we saw that some of the light bulb speakers tend to break up the sound or delay the sound output when the light is being adjusted at the same time. This showed the case with the LIGHTSTORY Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker and the Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Light Bulb with JBL Speakers. In my opinion, for a product that’s offering the combination of music plus light, this cannot be happening.
On the other hand, I really enjoyed the timer option and sleep assistant, which was built-in in all except for the Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Light Bulb with JBL Speakers. I can share the same excitement for the option to scan the QR code given in the manuals of most light bulb speakers presented here, and get the app in no time.
What I really disliked is the rushed light mode change with the Sunvito Smart LED Bulb Speaker. To be honest, this should be better adjusted for a light bulb having the option of changing colors.
However, for such small-sized products, whose main purpose is to perhaps give light, the sound output is amazing. The tiny built-in speakers are of great quality and such light bulb speakers are sufficient to fill up a small sized room with decent sound. I really enjoyed this functionality, and I can guarantee that you and your family would enjoy it to.
In general, prior to buying any of the products, walk around your house and think where would you like to use the light bulb speaker. Make sure to properly measure the lamp size before making the purchase and consider the room size. The prices also vary, but according to my opinion they are all decent. For a really small amount of money, you can create an amazing atmosphere in your home. So, consider one light bulb speaker for yourself.

  •  Light Control: Lights controlled via mobile app on/off, altering brightness,color temperture,colors. Colorful light effect: 9 colorful light effects inside with the app,such as Night,Morning,Reading,Dancing,Stars,Romtic,Rainbow,Flashing,Breathing to meet your needs in different contexts. Music play:Local music player,enjoy your ...
     OMG ... I love this Bluetooth bulb with color. You can play Pandora with just the regular light on or play music from your downloaded music in your phone. The colors are so bright an vibrant. I'm a music buff an this is great new technology. I like how the colors change an bop to the beat of the music. This will be great for parties in my house. I saw this bulb an was instantly in love. I was given a reduced price to review this bulb. I am so glad I had the opportunity to do so. I would so recommend this bulb. This is definitely a good party item. Can't wait for the next party in my house to show it off.



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